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Gathering & Celebrating

The Centenary of Bram Stoker’s Death

In Dublin City, 4 - 9 July 2012

Page updated  4 October 2012

Gothic Bats
Gothic Bats
Stoker on Stoker
Dracula-Stoker-Open Graves-Open Minds
Isle of Wight Arts Festival 2012
HWA -World Horror Convention
Dracula-Stoker-Open Graves-Open Minds
Isle of Wight Arts Festival 2012
Bram Stoker 2012-portrait
Bram Stoker-Trinity College-2012
Gothic Bats
Dacre Stoker-Noel Dobbs-Dublin's Lord Mayor Naoise O Muiri, Robin MacCaw
Parker Stoker

Dacre Stoker, Noel Dobbs, Dublin's Lord Mayor Naoise O Muiri, Robin MacCaw

Parker Stoker in the Crypts of ChristChurch Cathedral, 7 July 2012

Dacre Stoker-Dublin's Lord Mayor Naoise O Muiri

Dacre Stoker & other family members received their

Certificates of Irish Heritage

Dacre Stoker & Lord Mayor

Noel Dobbs, George Moir & Robin MacCaw

Bram Stoker's great grandsons at the dedication of the plaque at Dublin Castle.

L - R, Noel Dobbs,

Gen. Mgr. of Dublin Castle, George Moir & Robin MacCaw

St Anns Church, Dublin

Interior of St Ann's Church,

where a service in

Celebration of the Life of Bram Stoker was held, 8 July 2012

Read a transcript of remarks by

Bram's great grandson, Robin MacCaw

Pat Liddy, Dublin Walking Tours

Pat Liddy gave special walking tours of

sights of Stoker significance in Dublin

July 2012

A veritable Who's Who

at Trinity College Dublin


July 2012

Dublin Castle, Bram Stoker Plaque

The author of Dracula worked here from 1866 - 1878

in the Registrar of Petty Sessions Clerks, which

was attached to the Chief Secretary's Office.

His father, Abraham, had previously worked here for more than 50 years.

Bram was also part time theatre critic for the Dublin Evening Mail, which was co-owned by the famous Gothic horror writer, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, whose writings were inspirational to him.

On promotion to Clerk of Inspection, Bram's meticulous research of the enormous mass of accumulated official documents resulted in his first published book,

The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland, which he later described as being 'dry as dust'.

Noel Dobbs, Elizabeth Miller, Robin MacCaw

Noel Dobbs, Elizabeth Miller,

& Robin MacCaw

Trinity College

July 2012

Douglas Appleyard-Robin MacCaw
Parker Stoker, Valerie Cavalli, & Dacre Stoker
Beatrice Stewart, David Skal

Parker Stoker, Valerie Cavalli, & Dacre Stoker in the Crypts

Douglas Appleyard, (Stoker cousin)

of the Raheny Heritage Society

& 'Friends of Bram Stoker'

Artist Beatrice Stewart and David Skal

with her bust of Bram Stoker,

now on display at St Ann's Church

David Gillespie, St Anns Church

Significantly, a very rare & valuable 1st edition of  Dracula was carried into St Ann's Church by the Vicar,  & placed on the alter during the Celebration of Bram's Life on Sunday.

This edition (generously loaned for the occasion) is notable for having been signed by Bram to "Hommy Beg" his very dear friend, the novelist, Sir Henry Hall Caine, to whom Dracula was dedicated. The spirits of both men could be felt in the church, where Bram & Florence married in 1878.

When Bram died 100 years ago, "The Daily Telegraph" published Hall Caine's

"Bram Stoker: The Story of a Great Friendship", of which this is but a brief excerpt:

"It is only once in a man’s life that such a friendship comes to him, and when the grave is closed on the big heart which we are to bury to-day, I shall feel that I have lost it.

"Of the devotion of his wife during these last dark days, in which the whirlwind of his spirit had nothing lost to it but the broken wreck of a strong man, I cannot trust myself to speak. That must always be a sacred memory to those who knew what it was. If his was the genius of friendship, hers must have been the genius of love."

Helaina Choates, Parker Stoker, John Stoker
Trinity College, Long Room


Helaina Angeletos, Parker Stoker

& John Stoker


Trinity College Library

The Long Room