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Halloween News

A selection of the very many

Bram Stoker and Dracula news articles,

published leading up to Halloween 2011

Gothic Exhibit Opens at the British Library

Dracula Untold... Plundering Bram Stoker?

Horror Writers Association Launches “Horror Selfies” Campaign

Dacre Stoker Speaking at the Mark Twain House

Whitby Goth Weekend brings thousands to Yorkshire

Dracula filming in Northern Ireland

Bray Studios Could be turned into housing....

Houston's Canconier to perform music from the days of Vlad Dracula

Petition started to name the Bram Stoker Bridge in Dublin, please sign!

Work to slow Whitby Erosion

Jess Franco, director, actor, writer, composer and producer dead at 82.

Soon to be Published:

Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Victorian Gothic Stage, Catherine Wynne

Final Ballot Named for the 2012 Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards

Hammer Films -Dracula Restored

Bram Stoker, Centenary Essays, edited by Jarlath Killeen

To be Released, Summer 2013

El Festival de Cine Clásico Retroback homenajeará al creador de Drácula, eje central de su programación

Retroback - International Classic Film Festival

will honor Bram Stoker February 2013

Washington Post Review

of The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker & The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker

“Dracula e il mito dei vampiri”
23 novembre 2012 – 24 marzo 2013
Triennale di Milano (viale Alemagna, 6)
Intero 8,00 Euro / Ridotto 6,50 Euro

Bram Stoker's Forgotten Writings

Huffington Post

Whitby's "Dracula" Church Yard Raining Bones

Mail Online

Shakespeare Society Takes on Dracula


Vampiri in Mostra

After 'Twilight": Where do Vampires in Pop Culture Go From Here?

The Atlantic

Vampire - Themed Attractions


Critique de Dracula-Celluloidz

A Selection of the Articles & Essays Celebrating Bram Stoker's 165th Birthday

Bram Stoker Books On Display- Google Doodle-WebPro News

Bram Stoker Books - The Washington Post

Bram Stoker's Anti-Russian Rant - Voice of Russia

Christian Science Monitor-The 5 Best Movie Adaptations of Dracula

How Dracula Created the Modern Vampire- Christian Science Monitor

Bram Stoker Google Logo- Huffington Post

Happy Birthday, Bram Stoker: 10 Famous Vampires in Art - Huffington Post

Washington Post - Google Doodle Toasts Dracula Creator

Stoker at 165 - - Bram Stoker's 165th Birthday: Things You Don't Know About...

The Many Faces of Dracula - Mirror

5 Dracula Spoofs to Celebrate Bram's Birthday- Fearnet

Dublin Book Festival

When Bram Met Walt

Magazine for the National Humanities

Dracula: Bram Stoker's Very Anglo - Irish Bloodsucker

BBC America

The Economics of Dracula

Ludwig von Mises Institute

New York Comic Con Round-Up...Dracula Ancestors

Just Press Play

Dracula was the Original Thug

Too Many Literary Critics are Vampires

The Telegraph

Science Behind Vampire Myths

KQED Quest

Vampires: The Real History

Live Science

Let's Take A Stab at the Medical Myths Surrounding Vampires

Huffington Post

The Dracula Dilemma:Tourism, Identity & the State in Romania

The Times Higher Education

Bram Was a Notorious Prankster

Bram Stoker Exhibition in Dublin's Little Museum

Teased About Dracula

Stage Struck-Bram Stoker's Theatrical Flourishes

The Irish Times

Dracula visits London while his creator is unearthed at home

The Dead English-American Repertory Theater of WNY

Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin

Anne Rice & The Vampire Genre - Interview

Ranking the Best 10 Cinematic Draculas

Christopher Lee: A Brief History of' 'Dracula' from Book to Film


Halloween Thrills and Chills

Dracula Castle Group Fights to Save Project

The Press &

Who Walks in the Dark

Stageplay based on Bram Stoker's The Jewel of the Seven Stars(1903)  -British Columbia

Story Map Dublin

City Streets Come Alive to the Sound of Spinning Yarns

Dressing up Dublin's Merrion Square

The Creation of Dracula-Part One

The Creation of Dracula-Part Two

Centenary Celebrations for Stoker's Legend at Whitby Abbey


3,000 Year Old Frankenstein Mummies Discovered in Scotland

Yahoo News

Bram Stoker's Inspiration in Ireland

Random Descent/blog

Newport's link with Dracula Writer

The Mayo News, County Mayo

Dracula Fever Hits Dublin, But No Museum

Expert Calls For Dracula Conference in Derry

Derry Journal

Dracula en La Coruna

Vampire Slaying Kit Bought by Royal Armouries Museum

1890's Vampire Slaying Kit at Auction

Amid Rationing, a Rich Exhibition

Morpeth Exhibit includes Wm. Stoker Medal

Morpeth Herald

Vampire Skeleton Unearthed in Bulgaria

Mail Online

Unearthing a Victorian Vampire

Dracula on sale- May 26, 1897- The Tennessean

We Love Vampires-Bloodsuckers Over the Years

Ground Zero-Lincoln Journal Star

Dracula: Man Behind the Cape

Sir Christopher Frayling Write for

The Guardian Books

Dracula-The Sligo Connection

Dracula in the London Marathon

New Record for Fastest Marathon Dressed

as a Book Character

ITV News

Will Hill's Top 10 Vampires

Dracula Creator Escapes Fangs of Death in Birmingham

Sunday Mercury  ( Story from Bram Stoker, Himself )

The Art of Fiction: Bram Stoker's Dracula

The Spectator Book Blog

Twilight v Dracula-Readers' Responses - Books

The Book of Bram

Bram Stoker Had a Gimlet Eye for Evil

Dracula Bites Back! Gothic Legacy in Danger...

The Independent

No Harm in Recounting Stoker as a Charming Singer

Bram Stoker: A Century in the Shadows

Arminta Wallace for Irish

Bram Stoker: A Dub off the Old Block

Arminta Walace for Irish

It's Not All About 'Dracula": Stoker's 17 Other Books

Luke Gibbons for Irish Times.Com

Dracula Inspired by Tale of Bram's Ancestor

Charlotte Stoker's Family Traced to 561 AD

Stoker Centenary Celebrations Begin

Dublin -

A Brief History of Vampire Fiction

By Kim Newman for

Lugosi and Karloff  Descendents at TCM Film Fest


Blood Curdling Irish Postage Stamps

Top Ten Vampire Death Scenes From Movies

Video Clips Chosen by Kim Newman


Bram Stoker's Pen Created a Monster That Still Has Teeth

Blood and Honour


Vampires We Have Known, Dracula in 1897

Fangs for the Memory: A Century of Dracula

The Independent

Did Irish Dwarf Inspire Count Dracula?

Dracula Creator Also Had Painting in his Blood

Vampire Novel of the Century Awarded to:

Richard Matheson for his 1954 classic I Am Legend

Dracula Stakes claim with Hatfield Academics

University of Hertfordshire relates to the Un-Dead

Hatfield News, St. Alban's Review

Bram Stoker's Centenary and the Shakespeare Connection

The Shakespeare Blog, Shakespeare in Education

New Dublin website:

Stoker Centenary Events and Stoker Reunion in Dublin, Ireland

Dracula author had plenty of sport in his blood

Irish Independent

Dracula's Contract to see the light of day 100 years on....

Constable to publish original, handwritten by Bram Stoker

The Independent

Dracula's Creator Revealed by Bram Stoker's great grandson,

Noel Dobbs and Brian J. Showers of the Bram Stoker Society

100 Years on, the un-dead are in better shape than ever

The Spectator Book Review  - Bram Stoker's Lost Journal

Famous in the Fifties: Photographs by Daniel Farson

National Portrait Gallery, London

19 March - 16 September 2012

A Crash Course in Irish Culture

For St Patrick's Day

The Sacramento Bee

BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves, Landmarks

Philip Dodd's 45 minute program on Bram Stoker & Dracula

March 7,  22:00

Film History is up For Grabs

1958 Dracula Poster to sell at Mallam's in Oxford

Dracula at Broadway Studio Theatre,  March 7 - April 1

Catford, S. London

Chicago Irish Film Festival

"Bram Stoker agus Dracula" 2011

To be screened March 5 (see trailer)

Review of Dublin: City of Literature by Muriel Bolger

A Guide to Literary Dublin

Photos of Bram Stoker's Birthplace at 15 Marino Crescent

Thanks to Austin Keegan, whose family has been at 15 Marino Crescent for the last 80 years, for  sharing this link with the

Bram Stoker Estate Facebook page .


Huffington Post

Bram Stoker in Collooney-The Lost Journal

Michael Farry Blog


Irish Central

Dublin: Home of Stoker, Wilde, Beckett, & Yeats needs a new library befitting the city's literary heritage

Irish Construction News



Guardian UK

Magic & Shock in Stagefright

Norwich Evening News



Dublin Stakes a Claim to Bram Stoker with The Lost Journal

Deirdre Cashion in the Irish Independent


2012 An Exciting Year For Literature





15 Marino Crescent, Stoker landmark now available......

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: The Critical Feast, An Annotated Reference of Early Reviews and Reactions, 1897-1913,

By John Edgar Browning (Apocryphile Press, expected 2012)

Death By Hammer

Vampire Literature Course for First Year Students


Literary Events in 2012


Interesting calendar, with the most interesting entry on April 20

"100 years since Dracula creator Bram Stoker reportedly died..........."

Jeremy Wagner announced as sponsor of the Bram Stoker

Vampire Novel of the Year Award to be given in conjunction with the Bram Stoker Estate, at the 2012

HWA Stoker Weekend (March 31)

Lucire Volante: The Emerald (Isle) City

WHEN IT COMES TO FINDING the perfect balance of town and country, tradition and technology, sport and culture, and classic and cutting edge, no European city does that dance quite as nimbly as Dublin, Ireland.

Anniversaries of sea and sky                                

2012 Centenary, Bram Stoker & the Titanic


John Stoker of Southport supports search for AE1.....

Liverpool Daily

Sensualising Deformity

Communication and Construction of

Monstrous Embodiment     
“Just a wooden stake”: (de)sensualising Dracula,

A blog, consideration of  Dr. Elizabeth Miller’s article,

Coitus Interruptus: Sex, Bram Stoker and 'Dracula'

Elizabeth Miller Spills the Beans

Interview on Gravediggers Local

What is special about 2012 and your upcoming

book Bram Stoker’s Dublin Notebook....

Un sucesor de Stoker encarga un proyecto sobre

el nacimiento de Drácula


Waterstones Vampire Timeline

Christabel, Varney the Vampyre, The Vampyre, Dracula,

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire, I Am Legend..

Bram Stoker’s Inspiration for Dracula

Vampire Film Festival                   


Epitaphs of Wit and Wisdom

Irish Central

Actor Lee given Bram Stoker award

Irish Times

Sir Christopher Lee accepted the

Bram Stoker Gold Medal from Trinity College

Philosophical Society president Eoin O’Liatháin....

Dublin Writers Museum

Celebrating the Mordant, Witty, and Darkly Romantic

Bram Stoker & His Count Dracula

A Bloody Good Read....

Ashley Fantz



Many of these stories are expanded upon on the Bram Stoker Estate Facebook Page.